Support And Hanger

YeahSo SupportAndHanger tool provides you a quick and easy way to layout supports and hangers. It applies to all MEP curves including pipe, duct, cable tray and conduit. This tool contains manual and automatical layout, and deletion function. In the meantime, you can use split function to split the curves into fixed length to mimic the real world. And auto layout the support and hangers based on each curve or the layout and size of the curves. All supports or hangers placed using this tool could build a connection with its host curve and change automatically when its host is changed for position or size or elevation. Through this tool, it would dramatically decrease the effort and cost you modify your model. It has following detail features:

  1. Support all MEP curves (Pipe/Duct/Cable Tray/Conduit)
  2. Manual layout support or hanger
  3. Delete support and hanger on selected MEP curves
  4. Split MEP curves for a fixed length
  5. Support to use customized support or hanger
  6. Automatically layout support or hanger
  7. Support two methods of auto layout
  8. Support position update when host curve moves
  9. Support elevation update when host elevation changes
  10. Support geometry update when host size changes

The first five functions are free, and the last five need to purchase a license. However they are all available during the trial period which is 30 days after you install.

Manual And Version History



2012 Version; 2013,2014 Version